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How to planify your Hijra : tips and advices

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Setting a deadline to planify your Hijra

Most of this article has been written by a friend of mine named Riadh Abou Yahya, may Allah reward him.

Take off your belt ! My brother, my sister, if you want to planify your Hijra, you'd better have to moove!

No pain no gain,  and in this article I will try to help you to plan your Hijra.

Days go by, they all look like the same and you know it. Around a kebab, we always mention  the Hijra, its delights, but we also like to mention how it breaks our hearts to stay in disbelievers' lands.

Roughly speaking, a lot of contradictions !

If you wanna stop this lifestyle, these same discussions, you'd better have to act and set a deadline for your future Hijra.

You indicate to yourself a deadline to leave, then, you do your best to respect this deadline, by promising yourself to use all the means to leave this land the day you have decided before.

If your preparation should last six months, there is no problem as long as you are sincere with ALLAH then to yourself.

 Abou Abdillah 

Creator of the blog Hijra Express


Nothing can stop you : this is the golden rule​​​​

Days go by, they all look like the same and you know it. Around a kebab, we always mention  the Hijra, its delights...but we also like to mention how it breaks our hearts to stay in disbelievers' lands.

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Prepare yourself sincerely to do the Hijra

There is absolutely no doubt that whoever puts in his heart the intention of leaving the disbeliever's land, will not be forgotten by his Lord who observes him. Did we forget that HE is Al-Khabir?

 Allah  عزوجل

 Surah At-Taghâbun Verse 8 


Therefore, believe in ALLAH and His Messenger (Muhammad ), and in the Light (This Qur’ân) which We have sent down. And ALLAH is All-Aware of what you do

ALLAH عزوجل informs us that He Perfectly All-Know our actions and plans. The term Al-Khabir means that ALLAH knows what it is deeply inside of ourselves, and it's impossible to hide anything from him.

And who better than our Creator will know our real intentions ?

By clearly clarifying your intention into your hear, be sure that Allah عزوجل will not let you down as He did not let down the previouses Mouhâjiroun.

Start the causes in order to planify your Hijra

Saving monney is certainly required when we prepare such a project it is absolutely normal. But just relax, because your rizq will come to you, and ALLAH عزوجل will make it easier for you if you plan to make your Hijra.
You just need to focus of how to handle your monney in a good way.

Certainly, u'll see some amazing things with this ambition. Let me explain : 

As you know, if you read my ebook, I had two and a half months to prepare my Hijra. In May 2015, I teached maths lessons at a private individual, and I received about 150 € salary. Despite the difficulty of my situation, I decided to give all of  this money to my mother. I could not give her more despite my entire motivation but ALLAH does not impose on any soul a load greater than its capacity.

Just a few days after, I managed to find three customers who contacted me by themselves for math lessons ! It was just amazing to see something like that. Indeed, I had difficulties to find customers at this time.

 Sheykh Al-Albani 

 Sahih Targhib n°2488 


According to Anas ibn Malik, The Messenger of Allah, Peace and Blessings be upon him, said: "Whoever is pleased to have the life be extended and his sustenance increased, that he behaves with his parents with piety and that he binds his kinships links

It's not finished !! A brother needed some money to pay his boat ticket and asked me to help him. I responded to his request despite that I could not afford, and I borrowed 500 € to my little sister to help this brother. I promised to repay her later before leaving France. A few days before my trip to Morocco, my little sister came to see me saying: "listen, I do not want you to pay me back, this is your wedding gift". ALLAHU AKBAR ! May ALLAH reward her.

An other story : the last day before my trip to Morocco, my mother, who was sulking (lol) because she was worried about me, came to see me saying : " I made you a check, take it". I was embarrassed and I didn't take it because I knew the financial situation of my mother, especially that she has done a lot for me and my family by taking care of us during a long time. I finally accepted when i saw her insisting , and I received 1000€. ALLAHU AKBAR ! May ALLAH reward my mother.

By clearly clarifying your intention to make the Hijra, be sure that Allah will not let you down…@HijraExpress

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So, do you plan to make your Hijra ?

Take the paths by which Allah will open doors for you such as keeping family ties and taking care of your parents. Coupled with a pure intention, you'll get, I'm sure, incredible results In cha a  ALLAH.

I did not tell you all that to brag. I told you some moments of my preparation for you to be inspired by it in order for you to motivate yourself to do the causes, because certainly if you don’t do the causes, nobody will do them for you !

If you start the causes sincerely, ALLAH will open doors that you didn't even expect !

I’ve set a deadline, I did my best and believe me it was not easy but, when we have a dream, everything becomes easier despite the difficulty.

You know, last time I was watching a report about the Syrians who landed in Europe because of the war. This report caught my entire attention because I learned that a Syrian family who left his country to go to Sweden, received a social allowance of 2300 € per month !!!

Look at this family : she left the war, of course, but she left a Muslim country to a disbelieving country, and ALLAH gave her a good sustenance.

You are preparing to go in the other way and who wants to increase the rank of Muslims : do you think that Allah will let you down?

Go! Do your hijra and don't think about anything else. ALLAH will do the rest for you.

If you (still) didn’t dowload my ebook yet, this is the moment for you to have more details about a correct preparation to make your Hijra.


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